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L : LIVING END : Modern Artillery

Modern Artillery
Текст песни Maitland Street

Maitland Street

I hear the sirens - oh no
Coming to remind me - to go
Silence is golden - I know
Until the silence - is known

And the plans were carried on
We were the victims all along
Is it true did the world stop turning
When the rain came down

When the rain came down on
Maitland Street
Would we drown in the sorrow
Of another defeat?
Will we be remembered if we
Don't get beat?
Got your head in the clouds
Your feet on the ground
Will we be remembered?
Will we be remembered?
Or lost in history
Of Maitland Street

Looking for an echo
Searchin' for somewhere to go
We found a place that we called home
But it was empty yeah
Yeah there was nobody there

And the clouds began to break
We tried to run but it was too late
Now it's done and you gotta move on
'Cause it's never gonna be the same

Doesn't anybody know?
What happened all those years ago?
Doesn't anybody know?
Is it true did the world stop turning
When the rain came down

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