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L : LIVING END : Modern Artillery

Modern Artillery
Текст песни Hold Up

Hold Up

Put it in the bag boys
Said the petty thief
I'm only gonna say it once
So don't play dumb with me

Don't nobody make a move
And don't nobody speak
Everybody on the floor
Don't mess around with me

Put it in the bag boys
Then we're on our way
All the money in the bag
We'll count it up another day
Put it in the bag boys
Then we've got it made
Now don't go making me mad
Put the money in the bag

We've gone and made it this far
Now we can't run away
If we make it out alive
To see another day, oh then

We'll leg it to the border
Sneak on past the toll
There ain't no copper
Gonna put me in the hole

We're almost at the end
There's an open road ahead
Freedom's just another 30 miles away
But luck came undone
As we jumped the gun
Now all we can do is run

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