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L : LIVING END : Modern Artillery

Modern Artillery
Текст песни Tabloid Magazine

Tabloid Magazine

Temperamental editors
Searching for the passion
Overpaid and over-rated
Looking for a cash in
It's too late

If you want to read a little
Useless information
If you've had enough
With all the troubles with our nation
Don't wait

And you read about it
You just can't sleep without
The pages of the magazine
Don't believe in all you read
You can't trust the tabloid magazine
And I'm about to break down
It's just a tabloid magazine
And I don't wanna break down

Picture hungry journalists
Searching for some action
Running all the stories
Like it's going out of fashion
It's too late

Everybody's reading
Everybody else's problems
Everybody's busy stopping
What they haven't started
Don't wait

Don't wanna be around 'em
Better off without them
You know you can't escape them

And you read about them all the time
From the pages of the magazine
But you can't believe in all you read

Well it's too late
And you're gonna have to wait
And you won't want to turn out the light

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