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Текст песни Totally Human

Totally Human

Words and music: jim johnston

You've taken the law into your hands, unchained atrophy,
You say you just want the truth, but the truth is you don't know who to believe.
And those demons in your head are only getting worse,
I don't know what to tell you to keep you from a hostile world in this plastic universe... cause you're only human.
I'm not the God you think I am, you make the call and rise or fall,
I'll stand beside you man.
Cause the hold I had on you, in these two mortal hands
Has diminished until you can see this contradiction that I am.
And I've tried to keep your trust still time has made you free.
Please don't make your decisions based on the imperfection that you know is inside me, a total human.
I'm not the God you think I am, through it all and rise or fall,
I'm standing with you man.
I'm just a fool you know it's true.
So make the call and stand or fall, the choice is up to you.
Sometimes it seems as though you're looking up to me.
Still you must question all the senseless things you see.
Cause I've got my hands full living my humanity - I care what happens to you.
Feels like it's happening to me.
You've taken the law into your hands and it's all that I can do,
Pleasing so many people at once I know, not one of them is you.
All those demons in our heads, it's time to set them free.
I may only be mortal, still I'm never giving up on you, please don't give up on me...
A total human.
I'm not the God you think I am. but through it all and rise or fall
I'm sticking with my plan.
A simpleton, you know it's true. it's hard to take that I can't make,
These choices there for you.
Cause I'm totally human, I'm totally flawed.
Every place you go and each year you grow
Can you see I am your friend and not your god?
I'm totally human, I'm totally flawed.
Every thing I say, and it's every day lets you see between the fiction and the fraud.
I'm totally human - totally flawed.

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