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Текст песни Biology Rocks!

Biology Rocks!

Words and music: jim johnston

All my life I've had these crazy feelings,
They made no sense, from what I'd read
At school I'd sit and write down endless numbers,
Stuffed in my brain, by some egghead
I couldn't stand biology, then she loved me.

What nature taught in less than half a second,
Would take my life to explain
(it didn't give me no pain)
Now things are looking up in biology - she loves me..
I'm learning how cool my homework can be!

This is the real thing! my grade wont show. I looked for the answers, the books didn't say, so I didn't know biology rocks!

This time I finally found me someone,
Who makes my life, make some sense
(I'm not talkin' no friends!)
I don't understand biology - but she loves me.
And we'll fill in the details - eventually

This is the real thing! the books must go. tell me no answers, I'll find them myself, now that I know biology rocks!

You don't get the real thing, when you're:
Doin the math, doin the math, doin the math, crunching numbers!
Now I understand biology - she loves me
I'm looking forward to my p.h.d!

This is the real thing! that grades don't show. you don't get all the answers, all at one time, but you've got to know biology rocks!
Cause this kind of research, we all enjoy.
Once love is the answer, and you've got a girl,
Ya start thinking boy!- biology rocks!

And thats important to you!

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