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Текст песни Black Sheep

Black Sheep

Words and music: jim johnston

I grew up inside a world of pains and ordinary things,
That never seemed right in my eyes.
And so my conscience and i, we took flight and stretched our wings,
If you can't see the reason why, let it be,
Just let me dream, let me breathe, and I'll let you dream.
But you know you have the answer,
I see the one man jury in your eyes, and you want to live my life.
I tell myself that there are things that I could never see your way,
I'm not saying that it's a lie.
I just know I must be free from what you've always hoped I'd be,
What good did it do to try?
Let it be, just let me dream, let me breathe, and I'll let you dream.
I don't know who has the answers,
Though a hundred thousand jurors take your side.
But I don't want to live your life.
Telling me that I'm the black sheep for doing what I have to, to survive.
Cause I don't want to live your life.
I gave up on all your planes and pains and ordinary things,
I didn't mean it to say goodbye.
But you're not my conscience and i.
We don't talk much anymore, and we both know the reasons why.
Let it go, don't let me go.just cause I don't want to live your life.
We are all just temporary, and I may see it clearly one day,
Why does it always have to be a war?
I don't know who has the answers, I always hoped that I could take my time,
But I can't relive my life.
Don't want to say goodbye, don't want to say goodbye, I can't say goodbye.

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