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Текст песни Two in The Mourning

Two in The Mourning

I want to be the girl who makes it under your skin so you can´t sleep
I want to be the one who makes your body stiff and your conscience weak
You´re gonna leave your senses and your confidences

I want you to be my two in the morning
Desperation call
I want you to shout my name without warning
When the phone rings at two in the morning

I want you to see my body naked touching you in every dream
So when I tie you up and then go down you might not scream
I wanna be crazy and not care about what people say
Nobody has to know that I want you to be my slave


Don´t go to sleep I just might call
To throw you up against the wall

I want to be the girl who smiles standing by her man
But secretly I want you kneeling when I raise my hand
I wanna be pink and flowers every hour of the day
And when the nightime comes I wanna change the role I play
And you leave your senses and your confidences


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