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Текст песни Nobody Knows Me Like You Do

Nobody Knows Me Like You Do

Let´s runaway
Nobody has to know where
Out of this place with all the madness
Where the world don´t understand us
We just got to get out of here

Isn«t it strange and soothing
That I could never hide the truth from you
Like a flower knows the rain
Like a healer knows the pain
All my walls you see right through

And though at times I may trip and fall
You pick me up when I fumble the ball

Nobody knows me like you do
Nobody feels me like you do
With you I know I'll never lose
Cause nobody knows me
Nobody knows me like you do

And as the sun falls lightly
Into tomorrow«s hands
We can dream under the darkness
Feeling safe beneath the stardust
Where together we will stand

Real friends don«t fade away
And how could I ever find someone who gets me this way


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