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Текст песни Naked


I know I could be at tease.
You know that all this smoke is just a screen.
But in this world today, with all the games we play.
This oneґs not so bad.
Do you really what to be alone tonight?
I canґt help myself, I canґt help myself.

When I take off all my clothes and youґre standing very close, I want you to touch me and we fa la la la...
When iґm naked I donґt care, as long as you are standing there when I take off all my clothes. we fa la la la...

I can dress up like a queen, if make believe is what you want from me.
But any role I play will just be tossed away each time iґll make you crazy.
Do you really want to watch the show?
If you help yourself, you can help yourself.


Chemistry is not a crime.
Just for people who keep it all wrapped up inside.
Who needs formality in sexuality.


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