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T : TASH : Без сортировки

Без сортировки
Текст песни Tash Rules

Tash Rules

Ya ya yah.. (4x)

It's almost 2000 y'all;
So this gon' be the night..

While you trippin off yo' car, yo' girls is trippin off ours
If we want, what you got, nigga reach for the stars
This is it y'all, everybody ride wit us
I devised a masterplan to take out the counterfitters
I'ma start with the west coast, show em how we rock it
Keep it pumpin through the summer, stuff them chips up in my pocket
Super-saki gin'll keep my style all in your grill
Every where you turn catash last seen in baldwin hills
On the phone makin deals, for x amount of scrill
Nine-nines is mine, it's time to recognize the real
Then I swing it through the bay where all the homies wanna blaze
Rap life, the goin craze, smoke an ounce in two days
When phase one complete it's fifty states to invade
Catch a flight to a-t-l, link up with rico wade
Outkast, goodie mob, bangin out the stereo
Smokefest, nine-nine, peep the whole scenario
Tash rock material to make your girl jump up
Never touch the mic until the soundman pump the ? ? up
Yo yo, roll that dub up, three 6'll tear da club up
There's no way to describe how tash'll fuck yo' mug up

Chorus: lv

Movin around from coast to coast, money ain't no joke
We're havin it our way (all day everyday) everyday (all day everyday)
Land my feet on solid ground, no time to fuck around
We're doin it our way.. ooooooh yeahhh

Tash rules everything around you, bread, get the money
I gotta keep my whole team fed
Cause like pmd said, we gotta take it to length
Cause if you hang with nine broke friends, you're bound to be the 10th
So on the strength of makin dollars, tash'll touch any scene
Catch a flight to new york city, cause all money is green
Let em see supreme west coast in up-close
And if there's any beef I'll roast and crack you with a golden molson
Bottle, the mass will throttle, what a rollo
Tash come in peace but y'all won't let the beef die though
I lost my black movado in that bullshit fight
I got drunk and laughed about it up in washington heights
With my homeboy dee (what) my homeboy ooze (uhh)
I spent the night in jail off that hennesey and juice
Cause new york city that's a wild ass town
That's why guiliani ass tryin to lock shit down, right now


Tell em l..
So lights, camera, action -- you're on
Get it ricky ric' -- what's wrong? my weed gone!
Who stole it? -- I don't know, y'all motherfuckers tell me
I broke it up and left the room to get a light from lv
I came back and like poof! everybody's lookin boggled
It only took a sec to get rollo'ed, by chicago
But everybody know at a chi-town show
They like to keep it, g-h-e-t-t-o
This time I let it go, but next time I'll have to blast ya
Cause tash be checkin shows from alaska to nebraska
So if somebody ask ya - who the tightest on this?
Tell them niggaz big tash, and his homies tha liks

Chorus 2x

That's right y'all
This unity in the community night, knahmsayin?
I don't give a fuck where you from, it's party time
East coast west coast down south we don't give a fuck
We came to get sweaty in this motherfucker
So all the ladies.. all the ladies.. hahahaha
Woo! I wish I could sing like that nigga..

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