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T : TASH : Без сортировки

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Текст песни G's Iz G's

G's Iz G's

(who we got? )
We got catash and kuruption
What the fuck is yo' function?

We got catash and kurupt
'bout to fuck shit up
I'm sippin' nuttin' but the best; what you got in yo' cup?

[verse one--tash]
Yeah, yeah, that make me tweak on beats
Tash be kickin' so much ass I rock cleats on concrete
So get the pictuah
My rap style'll hit ya 'til ya move back
This ain't the kind of shit that help stella get her groove back
It's on co' uncle
Raps that keeps me flossin'
While yo' album on the shelf gettin' dusty at the slausson
Pop that glock
Clock that knot
It's thin line between love and hate
It's thin line between compton 'n' watts
What you got?
Yo' motherfuckers is nerds
Yo, kurupt, tell these niggas what the fuck you heard!

(check it out)
I heard it saggin' in bandanas
Shit to spit the leaves
Split like bananas
Poetical scanners
Make the crowd go banana'
Furious, luxurious, an' glamorous
Bitches and cameras
Impenetrability exerts
Burst a verse
And since nuttin' but trouble incense jerks (back in the day)
Silently clashin'
Clash is
Throwin' towels in like passes
All I want to know is where the ass is
If you got yo' pistol let it sizzle an' whistle
I'm agile; you fragile--
Glass and crystal
I'm priceless--the nicest
Yeah, that's right
Nice enough to bring the snub and bust on sight

We got catash and kurupt
'bout to fuck it up
I'm sippin' nuttin' but the best; what you got in yo' cup?
Hennessey, nigga
Yeah, yeah, oh, yeah indeed
You know I got the malibu
I got the orange weed
We got catash and kurupt
'bout to fuck it up
I'm sippin' nuttin' but the best; what you got in yo' cup?
O.e., homey, yeah
Oh, yeah, indeed
You know I got the hennessey
I got the orange weed, nigga
'cause bustas is bustas, an' g's iz g's
But ain't nobody fuckin' 'round wit' mcs like these

[verse two--tash]
Somebody buck this nigga' keys; this lil' punk must be drunk
I let that nigga hit my weed, he walked away wit' my blunt
And that's a no-no, loco
So it's one way to settle this:
You gots to box a round wit' the ghetto-est gold medalist
Tash got a rough rambunction in the function
Yo, this shit ain't even fear
It's kinda like we punchin' munchkins
So let that nigga slide
He too wide-eyed to hide it
Tash'll slap his ass so hard, I'll leave his afro lopsided
You got it?
Tell your boyz 'n' the hood
My style's a work of art--it's like I carved it from wood
I'm often misunderstood, 'cause my style is freaky-deaky
I could say some simple shit and lose your stupid ass completely
So meet me on the block when you come to the west
Bangin' styles that'll wash you up quicker than zest
Layin' rap styles to rest if yo' shit ain't tight (nighty-night)
Yo, catash, tell these niggas who they got tonight!

Rum 'n' coke...
Gin 'n' juice...

Olde english 800
Yeah, that's my brand
Drink it in a cold 40 ounce or a can
Only if gangstas come, I'll mash
Quickly be on ritzy, 'cause he down to blast
If you got it, I'm 'a get it
Ya heard me, homey?
I'm o.g.
I swerve and dip slowly, homey
Easily I approach
This bustah-ass nigga fi'n' to blaze this roach
Pull out my pistol and put it to his chin
It's already cocked, so, I'm like fuck it, then
You's a bitch, and that's all you'll be
An' I don't give a fuck to let a nigga hear it from me
You got calibers, I got cali-co.
You got teflon, I got napalm
I come around from the side
I'm gangstain' it up
Pimpin' wit' pounds o' hash
Wit' dis bad lil' mama wit' a gang o' ass

Yeah, niggas
Kurupt young gotti
Tash, wha's crackin?

You know...
Same shit different toilet
Put it down, my nigga from the west coast
Kurupt: dogg pound gangsta
But hold up, man
While we in this muthafuckah, let me give a shout-out to my nigga king
The whole likwit crew (only bad bitches allowed)
Oh, what?
Only bad bitches?
It's a gangsta party

Alkaholik gathering, muthafuckah...punk

Alkaholiks, dpg

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