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N : NAPPY ROOTS : Watermelon Chicken & Gritz

Watermelon Chicken & Gritz
Текст песни Start It Over

Start It Over

[Skinny DeVille]
Fell in the dump, it's about a quarter past twelve (twelve)
Skinny with the rest of Nappy comin as well (well)
Any nigga in this bitch ain't confident in his gal (gal)
Gonna lose it shortly after it, soon as ya put it past her
We "50 Playaz Deep" in this bitch, like Drunken Master
How long you think them fine days was really gonna last for?
We slow and slum, you young and dumb, and clueless to disaster
We creepin on ya faster than a buzzard on ya bastards
Step - introduce myself, Skinny the country rapper
Like hundred spoke, we tighter with that game than Sunday Pastor
And the second step; I leave her mesmorized and then I blast her
Mind up out the solar system with this country pimpin
Plus the third dimension, need to stop look and listen
We twenty-inchin to the telly plus we on a mission
Skinny bigger fishin, to the well and Moby Dickin
Step fo', lemme show ya how we get to dippin
Count 'em

[Chorus: R. Prophit]
Slide on up and tap her shoulder (what?)
Get in her mind and try to mold her (huh?)
Back on up, let me show ya (how?)
Now start it over
Slide on up and tap her shoulder (what?)
Get in her mind and try to mold her (huh?)
Back on up, now let me show ya (aww awright)
I'm ready fo' her

[R. Prophit]
I'ma spit it real life for ya, not cuttin no bakin soda
Bet a thousand playa, now watch me make my quota
This is for the pimps and playaz that practice yoga
All it takes is a couple of shots and off with yo' gut
Rollin in the new cotton-toed now scoot over
Banana seeds is nice, baby please come closer
Really wettin knots in chemistry
Just a fan of MTV, now I guess the hoe en-vy me
Dropped my bow, saw her bobbin her head to the beat
Ol' lighty-skinned petite, ol' seductive freak
She's a bad motherfucker, had ya walkin the bee
Girl, where ya change at? Girl it cost to eat
I feel ya dawg, Prophit never loved these hoes
Never went to buy no clothes at the mall and chose to stay hard
Was tryna leave my knees when weak
Weavin through two plugs, took it out and shot on her mink

[Chorus: R. Prophit]

[B. Stille]
Nappy gon' do it to ya like it ain't been done before
Hardcore, all fours, on the floor, up against the door

[Big V]
Give her the telly key and room number to where we be tonight
Aim to please tonight, tryna freak tonight

[BS] Aww man I'm so thirsty could drink a pint
[BV] Man I'm so hungry could eat a dyke, you hear me hollarin?
[BS] I heard ya right, dirty minds; they think alike
[BV] Us two guys in here, you know ya got to get live in here (True!)
[BV] I wanna put it deep in yo... (ooohh!)
[BS] Horizontal, diagonal, vertical, Viagra
[BS] Magnum, Sir Magnus, on the matress
[BV] Whylin in it, every which-a-way
[BV] With this dick get it, situated
[BV] Big V sophisticated with B., don't stop
[BS] Get it get it, here kitty kitty
[BS] Hump it like a dog, lick it like a frog
[BV] Question; is it wet enough (yeah!) lemme check it (yeah!)
[BS] She gettin spun like this Nappy Root record - disrespect it

[Chorus: R. Prophit - 2X]

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