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N : NAPPY ROOTS : Watermelon Chicken & Gritz

Watermelon Chicken & Gritz
Текст песни Sholiz


Yean know dat?

[Skinny DeVille]
Yo, I snuck a dollar out my momma purse, headed for that juice joint
Twenty worth of Colt, 75 to the crossroads
'Lac bone, filled to the gills on a gravel road
How to roll, X and a O make a heavy load
Nappy on the track make ya back hit the dance flo'
Drivin like a grandma, actin like an asshole
(Skinny who?) Sholiz folk, whattcha ask fo'?
Ballin on a budget, fuck ya dubs on the astro

Uhh, no more Grand Martin get a fifth of Goose
and a duck with goose, don't need shit with juice
Look at me dawg, you can tell I'm southern bred
Wear alotta blue but I love the red

[B. Stille]
Somethin all black, think mad cuz I act like I'm all that
Tight braid red bean under my straw hat
Tripped over ya jaw, ya ain't think I saw that, huh?

[Chorus: Skinny - 2X]
Whassup, my folks sholiz
Peoples in slums just slump, sholiz
Nappy with the country bump, sholiz
This is what the country want, yep it sholiz

Fish Scales scuba divin on a remote island
Me and Skinny D, Big V (?)
These guys suprise us, depicts us like bubble letters
Is that a hoochie, and some coochie cutters?
Hey bitch ya look good
Really wanna play in the trench but I should
If ya come sit on this dick I might would
Hold up hater, I don't want no disrespect
I don't want shit but next...

[B. Stille]
Oops came through spillin my pitcher
Scales in the back feelin the swisher
Thought you knocked me out the frame, but I'm still in the picture
Thought at first Nappy was lame, but I'm willin to bet ya
We'll sell more next year

[Skinny DeVille]
Good God Almighty, look at what we have here
Old English, malt 50, somethin clear
We gon' cut the shit talk -- Skinny with the steel
gonna drop it down, weigh it up and lay it on the scale


[cutting w/ "Sholiz" repeated]

[B. Stille]
Come on, gut out the last of the greens
Hit the club so fresh and so clean
Bitches love the cess, I'm smok-ing
Remove they O-Ring, then soon elop-ing
Take my last swallow now we spinnin the bottle
I'ma get me a model - you'd have a better chance winnin the lotto
Twenty dollars, check 'em in the Ramada
Gotta leave the do' open so Skinny can follow

[Skinny DeVille]
Yep sholiz, takin no shit
Get the chance again, we dip then blow wig
Nappy with the sho' shot, yeaga know this
We run up in this bitch and get so rich

Aww now everybody ain't rich, they just wanna be flashy
Tryna big ball like Drama and Jazzy
Playa you don't understand this B.O.B.
That's the reason these drinks can't be on me

[Chorus - 2X]

[short conversation]

[Chorus - 4X]

[cuts until fade]

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