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B : BOB SEGER : The Fire Inside

The Fire Inside
Текст песни The Mountain

The Mountain

Words and music by bob seger

The other side of the mountain
Is where I want to be
It's a far piece over the mountain
But I hope you'll go with me

I grew up as a dreamer
I found that dreams aren't free
Now I want you here with me

I've lived so long near the mountain
It's almost part of me
I want to have it behind me
It blocks out all I can see
It looms up dark and ancient
Its shadow over me
I want it behind me

All that time, all that precious time
It's gone from you and me
We're givin' up this scene
We're givin' up this scene

Now some will say that we're destined
Some will call it fate
Me I call it obsession
It's just like love and hate
We're prisoners of our passion
We all seem to find too late
I hope it's not too late
We're givin' up this scene
Ah babe we're givin' up this scene

We're gettin' out
We're givin' up this scene
You and me baby
Yeah we're givin' up this scene

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