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B : BOB SEGER : The Fire Inside

The Fire Inside
Текст песни The Long Way Home

The Long Way Home

Words and music by bob seger

Winners, losers and small time misusers
Do what they must on their own
Lovers, dreamers and beautiful schemers
All take the long way home
Some have their reasons
Some lose their way
They all want so much to succeed
How do you tell them apart
The best of them leave with their hearts

Now that it's summer
I went to the river
The water was never too cold
Always together through all kinds of weather
We took the long way home
She was the best
I ever knew
Somehow she drifted away

Now that I'm older
The nights seems much colder
I spend too much time alone
Sometimes in summer
I kept thinking of her
And I'll take the long way home
I'll still take the long way home

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