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W : WILKINSONS : Nothing but Love

Nothing but Love
Текст песни The Yodelin' Blues

The Yodelin' Blues

(skip ewing)

Billy was a rocker down in baton rouge
Liked to sing country in his tennis shoes
He grew up in the sixities on rock and roll
But he got him a gig in a country show
He travelled with them all across the usa
But one night in the middle of the set they say
He got his rockin' rhythm roots
And country confused
He sang the yodelin' blues


Well the band thought billy was a crazy fool
But that yodelin' thing he did was powerful cool
So they worked all week
And they got it just right
To play down at the club again saturday night
And the crowd went screamin'
Crazy plum unglued
All the girls thought billy was a happenin' dude
They said hey hey billy
Do whatever you choose
Just sing the yodelin' blues

So they got a big bus and a semi too
A hit song, record deal, dream come true
You can see 'em on the tv
And the front page news
They're done payin' their dues
Long as billy sings the yodelin' blues

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