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U : UNCLE KRACKER : Double Wide

Double Wide
Текст песни What'chu Lookin' At

What'chu Lookin' At

747 come 11 to bust
Somebody take me home I wanna live in lust
When trust is low and stakes are high
Thta's all I ever did in denver was die
(that's all I ever did in new york was die,
That's all I ever did in la was die)
So put em' up, put em' up to the sky
And wave goodbye to miss american pie
Cuz you been tellin' lies, you took it all and abused it
Whatever happened to the feel good music?
Somewhere, somehow, some way somebody pulled the plug
And left me sittin' in a dirty little pub

I gotta tell you baby life's been good to me
And I know that makes you mad
Cuz that's something you can't see
I got everything I ever wanted
And I'll never give that back
Oh I know you hate that fact
But you ain't gotta look at me like that
I said you ain't gotta look at me like that
(what'chu lookin' at...
What'chu lookin' at...
What'chu lookin' at...
What'chu lookin' at...
What'chu lookin' at? )

You run around pullin' stunds like that
See never in my life could I front like that
I ain't cut like that, I couldn't run like that
I'm a keep it non fiction and take my hat...uh
Remember back when things looked grim
I spent a lot of time and money on whims
I remember the crew, remember the good times
Remember the orange and I remember the sunshine
It's all gone that's a thing of the past
The fact remains that it moves real fast
So why you sit around hopin' things might change
I'll be sittin' pretty singin' hey pockey way!


You'll hear me comin' hummin' songs of redemption...huh
I'e been oppressed for less than attention
I got your extension but I'll probably never call
Cuz this time last year you ain't seen me in your crystal ball
And I'm uphauled by the things you've done
Left a trail of wrongs and can't account for one
Now you're done and I'm glad but it's a shame you'd waste it
You want this so bad you can taste it
Detroit love can you feel that (feel that)
That's stick an move can you feel that (feel that)
I'm on the rack for the two triple zero
Full failure all american hero


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