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T : TAPROOT : Mentobe

Текст песни Men2b


Sometimes I just sit back and wonder what was meant to be learned from that event that occured everything happens for a reason right I left behind just another tragic lesson in life an organic r
Drenaline flight high above the traumatised situation of life...it's ironic, considerate rarity patron of love, higher knowledge engulfs me 'cause, the blast of fate a lesson, to my eyes concern
D overwhelmed theirs were of fear yet I'm feelin' so empty inside and yet it burns so akward this..time.....tears a waterfall of acid cries from his, eyes, I need to recognize, it's meant to be.
S alive and his cries just begin arisin' suprisin' as well...this little boy proud of helpin' those in need but he's not me but just maybe he could be, I can see it now because, I'm a hero in hi
S temporarily blind this immature kid a spirit as well an angel, hiding by helping and wanting to understand..me...it's somethin' w/ my pride, lies, I cannot hide my true side, and maybe in dist
I can still come out laughing
That's the way I am...am I hard to recognize? what do I need to realize? why can't I see w/ my own eyes? what do I need to see?

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