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Текст песни Rain on Me

Rain on Me

I've been drowning in my own tears wasting time running from my fears when all the while you've been right here waiting on me
If I'd have told you what I'm going through you would have let me know just what to do and now I know the answer lies in you this is my pain 'cause

I've been hurt so bad sometimes it makes me sad would you rain on me I don't understand this was not my plan would you rain on me don't stop the rain

Sometimes I felt all alone nothing or no one to call my own but you're the only one that would be faithful forevermore

Deep down inside my soul you're the only one who really knows what I need to make me whole so I can smile again i

Chorus 2x

Rain on me show me love I'm waiting on you yes I know sometimes it's rough tell me what to do rain on me show me love I'm waiting on you you said that I could trust in you that's what I'm going to do


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