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T : T-PAIN : Rappa Ternt Sanga

Rappa Ternt Sanga
Текст песни I'm Sprung 2

I'm Sprung 2

(feat. Youngbloodz, Trick Daddy)

she got me doing
what she want to
now you sprung and i told you
now you see [x4 fading out]

I'm Sprung (I'm Sprung)
dawg she got me
got me doing things i'd never do if u ain't been i'm telling you

(you do)

[hook 1 - Trick Daddy]
its something bout you
thats got me doing things i said never do (never do)
and i can say i'm amazed
the way you put it on me
how you got me chasing you (chasing you)
and i can care less
i could give a damn
to see you (ride and die?)
look down this bitch
you can take no shit
keep it real, but i still look fly

[hook 2 - The Youngbloodz]
(look taller?)
(i'm tell ya how feel?)
it ain't ur face and it ain't ur hips (ur hips)
its how you (run around?) to lick them lips
and when i do, shawty you don't even trip
and keep it rumble band for my (crib?)
keep it fly for my seven (my wheel (my wheel)?)
i'm you nigga gonna be like this done
and when you hoops got me like that (ohhhhh) i'm sprung

[verse 1]
She got me doin da dishes
Anythang she want for some kisses
I'm cookin for her when she gets hungry
All she do is actin like she want me
She cuttin off all my homies
Even all my other ronnies
She ain't even my main lady
See I been thinking 'bout it lately
Man she really don't deserve me
All she wanna do is hurt me
So I gotta get away from her...
But now I'm leaving quickly
Before she come and try to get me...
And I'm takin everythang with me...
Well it all come down to her...

[chorus x2]

(you do)

[hook 3 - Trick Daddy (The Youngbloodz background)]
Ain't never been a sucker for love (never been a sucker for love)
Never had a girlfriend til i start fucking with her (start fucking with her)
Ain't never even had me locked me down (locked me down)
And she hooked on the wall tryna lock me down (lock me down)
One flip of the tone and i was sprung (i was sprung)
and we get done til 4, 5 in the morn (4, 5 in the morn)
she had me deep in the zone (deep in the zone)
u can get a brand new wardrobe, but baby you ain't going home (but baby you ain't going home)
but the new jag and all the louis bags (all the louis bags)
she nearlly got him strait from (bale harbour (bale harbour)?)
i told my home boys i'd holler (i'd holler)
i got plans for my date, my girl want steaks (girl want steaks)
and she perferred being honest (being honest)
we can go monday to sunday don't even matter bout the money (bout the money)
i'm stuck on her (stuck on her)
never should have let her suck on it (suck on it)
and she hit us up and be home in the next morn

[chorus x2]

(you do)

[verse 2]
So we went our separate ways...
It's been a couple of days...
But now I'm doin what I want to
With nobody tellin me what I'm gonna do
And I'm feeling so free...
With nobody but me...
Now I can handle all my business
All my fellas can I get a witness
But I'm feelin kinda lonely
On top of that I'm kinda horny
And I gotta get back to her...
Now I'm leavin quickly...
Before she come and try to get me...
And I'm takin everythang with me...
Well it all come down to her...

[chorus x2]

you do [fading out]

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