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R : ROGER MILLER : Без сортировки

Без сортировки
Текст песни Less & Less

Less & Less

I got up and made my morning cup of coffee
Fooled around the house an hour or more l'd guess
L did all this before l even had one thought of you
More and more l think about you less and less

L'm suprised but after all it's been a while now
Since l lost your love and all my happiness
But looks as though l just might maybe learn to smile again
More and more l thing about you less and less

L wouldn't be suprised if any day now
All these teardrops l've been crying
All these heartaches you've caused me
Began to withering and dying

Just now someone asked me if l'm hearing from you
And l felt a lot like crying l'll confess
But l didn't cry, l think the worst is over now
More and more l think about you less and less

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