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N : NONPOINT : Struggle

Текст песни Senses


How was I ever so naive
That I could never see
What was in front of me I grew up and you let me down
That's when I realized I didn't need
Your kind around me I'm not letting myself change for you
Your change is my demise I'm not letting myself change for you
Please try and understand
You stole what we gave you for free
I'm taking back all my sins I'm not letting you in
I'm not letting you in I'm not letting you in
I'm not letting you in
How did you ever get passed
My senses of sight, smell, taste, feel
And what endeavors and gestured blessings
Made you believe that you could
Get this over on me
But wait you didn't think
About the pressure
Understand understand
The lecture take heed
You're walking on bad land
You better check yourself
Before your wreck yourself man I'm not second place
To a paycheck man
You silly rabbit turning tricks I give you no respect
I don't understand the joy
You get from pretending
That you are the man
That you are the man I see the struggles never ending
On my time you're wasting
And you're spending
On rewriting the original silly criminal
Prepare for the lesson
You wish you learned
Back in school you fool
Well here's the golden rule
You stool I sit
Well you ain't biting this
My friend the end is
What I put to this
The question everybody wanders
This is your kid
This is your kid
Ha you wish
Well you ain't biting this
You can't wonder why
Damn we're too fly for you
The bottom of my shoe
These are my words
That you heard
You came up with this I never heard
Something so obvious I thought we were close
Now I understand that we
Were only an influence
To you
To you
To you To you
To you
Not a teacher to you
Not a preacher to you
Not a speaker to you
Not a friend to you
Not no
Not no
Not no
Not no
Not no brother to you
Not no other to you
Not explaining this to your mother
BOO thought that you
Would be true
But I explained to you that
Second chance is through
Second chance is through
Shame on you
My senses they cut through you
Shame on you

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