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N : N SYNC : Home for Christmas

Home for Christmas
Текст песни Its Christmas

Its Christmas

It's christmas

I'm so glad that you came my way
From a million stars here you are
I swear your love is mine

Some how I knew that you were made for me
And I can't believe
And my wish came true
I'll never let you go baby

People are celebrating all throughout the world
An that's what we gonna do tonight
'cus we got so much
So much love to share
It's christmas
And we'll share a love just like we did last year
It's christmas
And you know I'm gonna be right here

And still my heart belongs to you and only you
Merry christmas darlin'
Let us share the joy of love tonight
Cold winter nights may come and go
We're still dancin' slow
Can't you hear my song
Song I sing for you

Chorus 2x

And I wish you such a nice christmas
Merry christmas to all
Merry christmas to the world

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