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N : N SYNC : Celebrity

Текст песни The Two of Us

The Two of Us

Uh, haha, oh, hey yeah

Girl when we started
Baby, we were friends
But that's not how this fairy tale
Is gonna end
See I was thinking that i
Kept (? ? ? ) one day
That know one else has ever
Made me feel this way
Next time I saw you, girl
I knew I had to try
To tell you everything that
I was feeling deep inside
And listen good cause what I say
Is from my heart
So if you're ready

You see I toss and turn when I'm alone
And I just can't wait til you get home
Waiting for your call
Cause tonight we're gonna do it all
Girl it's just the two of us
Cause I'm thinking 'bout you day and night
And I just can't get you off my mind
When you get a minute baby
I was thinking we could hook up
It's just the two of us, the two of us
Cause in a room full of people
You're the only one around
And nothing in this world could ever bring us down
Baby I'll be there
Telling you I care
This I swear
Girl it's jsut the two of us

Baby I wonder if you feel the same as I do
I wonder if you're going through
The things I'm going through
I send you flowers on a saturday
Inside's a letter with a message and no name
See I just love the feeling knowing
I could make you smile
And I haven't felt that way about someone
In quite a while
Just listen to these words I have to say
Just take a chance


It just gets better with each day
Maybe someday
I always wanted to tell you
But I was so afraid


Oh, hey yeah

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