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L : LLOYD COLE : Easy Pieces

Easy Pieces
Текст песни Nevers End

Nevers End

If I ever was, then now i`m less than sure
What I was waiting for
If I could find the strenght to walk
Me i`m drinking the sea
She will send me to sleep
Surely there must be an easy way
And i`ll say it again will the nevers end
Do I have to forgive to forget
I wrote a letter only yesterday
I can not recall what I wanted to say
I saw a chance, I let it pass me by
This is the shallow age, my friend
I say never again will the nevers end
This is not what I had meant to say
So i`m drinking the sea, trying to pick up the pieces
And say it never again
If I ever was then now i`m less than sure
And this is the shallow age, my friend

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