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Текст песни Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll

Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll

Bounce (yeah)
Rock, skate (yeah)
Roll, bounce
Rock, skate (ha)
Roll, bounce

It? s friday, I had to work all week
Keep the cool hip, school, gettin' as and bs
Cuz if I came home with an f or a d
My mama woulda tripped about the skatin' rink
But since I got that under control
Daddy said it's cool, get his spark on
So I picked up the phone and called rico
I told him I'd be at the rink for sure
Around 8 o'clock, they began playin' the grooves
That me and you like to bounce to
We rollin' man, on skates for sure
A gang of homies in the corner on the dance floor
Got the skate police always on patrol
Tryin' to catch you outta bunker if you gettin' too close
To the girl that you groovin' with
No stoppin' on the floor, keep moving it
To wearing straps to my feet, criss-cross to the beat
And all the people tryin' to peep the styles of the d
Cuz I'm rollin', just havin' a ball
No time to laugh when somebody falls
Straight bouncin'

Bounce (just see), rock, skate (everbody skatin' on the floor)
Roll, bounce (come on, come on)
Rock, skate (rollin', rollin', rollin')
Roll, bounce

Now it's 10 o'clock and the music stops
And it comes back on with a slow song
The announcer says, couples only
And then all I see is cuties rushing at me
So I chose the one that I knew could roll
Not one steady fumble on the skatin' floor
Follow what the joe shootin' pass me like the wind
When darnell fallin' down and back up again
And bysides from the club to the video game
Playin' mortal kombat, tryin' to arrest the thing
To the snack bar, munch, get my drink and change
Rested up, now I'm back on my wheels again
Straight bouncin'

Baby d is bringin' out the fine young breeds
Parties jumpin, v.i.p.
We off the heez (we off the heez)
Roller skate is one in front and one be-hind
Everybody, grab your partner, form a line
And get

Bounce, rock, skate (yeah)
Roll, bounce

And you know there's 30 minutes left
I'm on my second wind and I done caught my breath
I'm on to the dj's booth to request a song
Baby d's on the rise, now I'm up and gone
As I look to my side, I see my daddy
So smooth on the wheels like a caddy
With his afro lit it in diamonds is butch
And then i, switchin' lanes at a fast pace
Losin' all the slow rollers up on my way
So I can find that girl and all her friends
So we can hook next week and come do it again
Out here gettin' excite, the ga way
But I learned how to skate in the golden state
Straight rollin'
So everybody keep bouncin'
So everybody keep bouncin'
So everybody keep bouncin'

Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce
Bounce (yes, you're bouncin'), rock, skate
(you want to skate, yeah)
Roll (yes you do), bounce
Now everybody get your bounce on
Dan moore get your roll on
Aaron get your skate on
Britney get your bounce on
Sir will get your roll on
Ingis get your skate on
Lil' james get your bounce on
Big e new x lex board
Daddy get your roll on
Big banks get your skate on
Short dogg get your bounce on
Joey get your roll on
To end
Bounce, rock, skate,roll

And everybody in oakland get your bounce on
La get your roll on
Atlanta get your skate on
Chi-town get your bounce on
New york get your roll on
Houston get your skate on
Dallas get your bounce on
Portland get your roll on
Va get your skate on
Denver get your bounce on
Vegas get your roll on
Detroit get your skate on
Miami get your bounce on
Everybody everywhere get your bounce on
Get your bounce on, get your bounce on

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