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I : IMAJIN : Imajin

Текст песни Keep It to Yourself

Keep It to Yourself

Can you keep a secret
Cause I can
Hay hay hay
If you won't tell
Then I won't tell
Keep it to yourself what?


Keep it to yourself
Don't tell nobody else
No matter what we do
It says between me and you

Keep it to yourself
Don't tell nobody else
No matterc what we do
It stays between me and you

Verse 1(john or talib)

Don't tell your sister
Or your bestfriend
What we did last night
Try to keep it inside
Cause if they knew they would'nt
Keep it to themselves
(they'd be talkin' bout)
How they heard it from the horse's mouth


Verse 2 (olamide)

Don't whisper secrets across the way
Because you (never know)
Who knows who and where they've been
Cause what they don't know they wonder about
And what they can't see they lie about
All I want is privacy
Me lovin' you and you lovin' me

Verse 3 (imajin)

If I give my heart to you
And do the things you waant me to
Would you kiss and tell
(would you kiss and tell no, no, no, no)

Baby if I give my heart to you
Would you keep your word to me
Keep it to yourself don't tell nobody else.


Baby I'll do what you wanna do
I got so much love for you
And it's just the kinda thing
I wanna keep between us two

Chrous till fade

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