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I : IGGY POP : American Caesar

American Caesar
Текст песни It's Our Love

It's Our Love

I found you lookin for the rainbow
You found me waitin for a chance
Now we got something good together
A life where we have joined our hands
And there ain 't nobody gonna break that
Our love
And there ain't noeody gonna break it
Our love
Our love
I didn' t have too much to offer
You didn 't have much to expect
A cold hotel room full of trouble
Beside a blinkin traffic light
On all night
And there ain' t nobody gonna break this
It' s our love
There ain' t nosody gonna take it
Not our love
Nobody's gonna take this
It 's our love
I know the feeling of being outside
Alone and watchin all the fun
The crowd's together, laughin loudly
And long
But that type - they re never really strong
An 'there ain' t nobody gonna take it
An 'there ain' t nobody gonna take it
An 'there ain' t nobody gonna take it
There ain' t nobody who's gonna break it
It's our love

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