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Текст песни Don't You Turn Your Back on Me

Don't You Turn Your Back on Me

Boy you're killing me
With your funny smile
My heart is beating loud as hell
I'm diving in your eyes

My whole life is upside and down
When you're chasing down my skin
The more I run away from you
The closer you draw near

Take me to the edge of feeling
Heart against my skin
Show me places I have longed for
In sanctitiy and sin

Locked intense inside my head
Your touch will set me free
I hold on til the sun comes up
If you'll be there for me

I wonder if you let me down (4x)

Don't you turn your back on me
Take a look at where you wanna be
Don't be scared of what you see
The only thing that's killing you is me

Now you're leaving me
With your angry eyes
My love gets lost with you
I was saving you last night

Locked intense inside my head
Your trust will set us free
The more you run away from me
The closer I draw near

I wonder... (4x)

Don't you...

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