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F : FUEL : Sunburn

Текст песни Song for You

Song for You

It's all I want
It's all I needed now it's through
It all comes back to you
The only one
The one I needed I abuse
More color for the bruise

So I sing this song for you
There's nothing left for me to do

Goodbye dear one
Venus I thought you'd bless me too
So selfish to presume

So I sing this song for you
And I hope that what is true
Will find a way to you
I sing this song for you

Venus never showed the way
The stars would not be sold
Heaven stole the light of day
And we were never told
So dark the day...
So much for life, for life and love

And now it's done
The color always changes hue
Bright to black and blue

So I sing this song for you
There's nothing left for me to do

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