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F : FRANK BLACK : Pistolero

Текст песни Tiny Heart

Tiny Heart

You are a fine exception
And now I do not know what to do
There is no use in-uh capturing me
Though I know that you easily could
I do not mind if you laugh at me
Just don't misunderstand where you stood
I don't believe in the art so i'm-uh just telling you
There's not a part inside of me you could call a heart
There isn't any part of me with a little heart
(little heart)
I have got such a tiny heart
(little heart)
You could say that I don't have one
(little heart)
It's true
I think that everything is a fad I know that is a negative view
I think all love is-us gonna turn bad and now I do not know what to do
Because the moment you start it that is when you are through
(little heart)
You are a fine exception
(little heart)
And I have got such a tiny heart
(little heart)
It's true

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