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E : EARTHLING : Без сортировки

Без сортировки
Текст песни Infinite M'

Infinite M'

You said that it's fantastic being telepathic
You said you read my mind
You said that things are drastic
I was looking for a shrine
Whilst you were looking for a rock
And we were living on the same block
With that hip-hop
You're a little reptile
Only no-foot high
You've got those four strong legs and the pretty purple eye
You hypmotise me with your hypmotising ways
So much that I forgot to say
Sorry about the day than ananda hurt you in the hand - ah
You had so much detail, he could not understand ya
Mau listen to it sing
He said it's dread as he held you by the hand
I couldn't hear a song
I could only hear a scream
Slow down little reptile
I don't know what you mean
Maybe she meant she was in pain
I'm an earthling doesn't mean I'm insane
When I'm playing them games with little spiders
Sometimes I'm spraying the trains with the dope outsiders
These days I'm hiding in my crazy lies
These days I'm searching for my reptile

She said promise you won't tell
But I had already told
About the girl on my road who gives pure gold
They said like where does she live?
It's like she lives where she's at
They said like where can that be?
Your black I can't tell you that
So what can we do?
Well you can do what you will
What do we usually do when you've got time to kill?
It's like these things they be sounds
And them sounds they be big
And we go walking around the boundary taking little swigs

When we were out there
On the perpendicullar
We wasn't really looking for anything in particular
Tell me, was it the way that you were handled?
We know ananda, he held you at those angles
It's like he wasn't exactly in control of his actions
Neither of us were we were just
Panning for distractions
The radio would talk and I would stare at it's mouth
I prayed it wouldn't stop as it just let it out

You said it's easier to tell your secrets to someone that you can't see
So why you telling this to me?

See like with emma, she sent me a letter
Written on a shark
I went to open it up
He tried to bite my fingers off
I wonder what it said
See, I ain't got around to read it
Threw it in my neighbours pond
Yesterday I saw him feed it
Believe that
No one of your predictions has come true
I thought it was your thing to get me through
Opposite over hypotenuse
I'm hanging at a tangent
Concept-less, I digress on a random
My force ain't balanced my means of beams
See nothing's as it seems in a mongianic dream

You said it's easier to someone that you can't see
So why you tell this to me?

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