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B : B2K : Без сортировки

Без сортировки
Текст песни I Beat You to It

I Beat You to It

[rap 1:]
Hot spots
I bang like little rock
Step up in the club
And watch the beat stop
Hey shorty
Can you do that dance in my drop, park that
Make that booty clap like flip flops
Like the flintstones
We can make the bed rock
Yes this little boy got a house on the hill
Call me montell
I got so many hot wheels
Now you know what I'm bout
Lets turn this party out

[chorus 2x:]
Everybody put your hands up if you feel me
All the ladies come party with me
Fellas grab your girl
And lets turn this party out

[rap 2:]
So much sexy appeal
Girl that thing can't be real
Baby tell me what's the deal
All I wanna know is can we chill
All from average
Love your bad habits
The way that thing move
You making me want to grab it
Lets leave right now
Lets stop playing around
There's a lot I want to do for you
How does that sound
You's a cute
Scarf over your doobe
Look at that gucci
Look good on your booty
What's really good
Can I floss you in my hood
Tell you things
That make you knock on wood
So let make it happen
If you want to handle it
Tonight I'm a good man
Tomorrow I'm scandals
So grab your coat
Let make a exit
Girl if your momma is home
Girl we hittin da lexus

[chorus 4x:]
Everybody put your hands up if you feel me
All the ladies come party with me
Fellas grab your girl
And lets turn this party out

[rap 3:]
We don't ride around in trunks
We ride around in bentley bus
Don't other crews recognize
Y'all can't fad us
When platinum status droppin heat
Man you already know
B2k and chris stokes always equal big doe
We in a 4.6
With 4 asian chicks
Man all this ice around my neck and wrist
I'm like show me baby girl
How you do dat derre
Gotta dem all saying fizz can I play in your hair

[j-boog talking:]
Check it out
Let me drop dat knowledge on y'all real quick
A lot of people think b2k is you know what I'm saying is all about imaging and dancing and
Stuff like dat
The people that are talking like dat probably don't have an image
So if you need one
Come to t.u.g we got a lot of dem
We will give you one
Not a problem
Cause we focus man
Once again we focus man
I know I said dat on the last track
But I wanted to get my point across
Round 2
Raz-b where you at
Right here

[repeat chorus]

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