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W : WILKINSONS : Без сортировки

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Текст песни Never Hold a Candle

Never Hold a Candle

(steve wilkinson/ andrew gold)

When I was a young thing
I swore a mustang
Would be my ticket
To the great unknown
Yeah I could see me
Hanging out with royalty
La dulce vida cruisin' monaco

{but sittin' here}
Parked in your driveway
{you're cuddled up}
Right close beside me
{i gotta say}
That this old world
Just ain't thrillin' enough
It could never hold
A candle to love

Way back in grade school
I thought jenny was so cool
We passed each other
Notes in study hall
She was my first kiss
My heart said this must be it
At 13 you think you know it all

{it's nothin' but}
{it didn't last}
Till graduation
{i gotta say}
Jenny parker and a
School boy crush
Could never hold
A candle to love

Love true love knew all along
It would find us
It's such a sweet ride
Just close your eyes
And hold on tight

{but sittin' here}
With you tonight
{just holdin' hands}
Under the moonlight
{one kiss and i}
I can't recall
What I was thinkin' of
But it could never
Hold a candle to love

No it could never hold
A candle to love
It could never hold
A candle to love

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