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Текст песни Lost & Found

Lost & Found

Do you know the reason people dive when they wanna
Take a ride through the world holding nothing at all?
Looking high looking low everything is grim until you
Bust your little bubble falling gently down below

Well I don't know I've been told
Everything is good until it's bad
Then you know that you've been lost or you're found
Well I don't know I've been told everything
Is good until it's bad then you know that
You've been lost or you're found

Why? I don't know I'm feeling nothing
Spacing through time just like I know
I should if all I've got is my head
A rollin', think where I'd be and
Where I once stood

Kick to another side where everybody glides
Through destruction leaving no place to hide
Save the day save the wave make you surely
Shock them, thanking people that we should've
Knocked down on the ground

I'm all in pieces I'm going out of my head
I cant figure it out so I'll stand here
I don't know if I'm alive or dead!

Crazy people walking by putting fingers in my eye
Thinking that the world is fun on a stick
Well, off they go, licking slow looking quick to find
That the world that they licked was the world they left behind

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