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Текст песни Favourite Worst Enemy

Favourite Worst Enemy

If you could read my mind
Than I know you'd find everything you never say
You said you needed time
So I asked if you would mind
If I could do the same

Senses over blown
You're never coming
You're going
And it's driving me crazy
Knowing what's good for you
And I'm longing for the lazy days
But those were never good enough

I guess that you were right
When you said I might
Really get bored with you
I never would have guessed
That it'd end in such a mess
Or that it'd be this soon

Cause there's something about you
But I can't put my finger on it
So hard to forget you
You're my favourite worst enemy

When you sat there laughing all about it
Did it make you feel any better about it
Can you try to hide it well enough
To fake it just for me
I doubt it

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