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Текст песни Southern California

Southern California

Tammy wynette and george jones
(billy sherrill, george richey, sammy lyons)
16 biggest hits - tammy wynette and george jones
Transcriber - awcantor@aol.com

You always said someday you'd go to live
(in southern california)
And me I'd stay right here in tennessee

You always talked about the better days
(in southern california)
But if you'll stay in tennessee
I promise there'll be better days with me

(t. w.)
It's not that I don't love you
But I hear the call
(from southern california)
There's something I can't find in tennessee

Silver screens and limousines
They wait for me in southern california

Though you've been so good to me
The time has come you'll have to set me free

Tomorrow when you leave
You'll take my heart
(to southern california)
But just remember I'll be here
To keep your heart with me until you see

(t.w.) speaks:
Well, it's been five years
N' I guess I've cried a million tears
Lookin' out the window of this little room
Right over that flashin' neon sign that says, bar
It's almost midnight,
An time to go downstairs and go to work
I wonder how he's doin' in, tennessee?

(g.j.) spoken:
Well, here I sit by the window
Of this big old lonely mansion
Lookin' out over the smokies
And on in everything I can see

Oh, I guess by now she's found
What she was lookin' for
And as I look at this old faded photograph
Of the girl that I still love
I wonder if she ever, thinks of me

But the weather's good
In southern california.

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