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R : ROGER MILLER : Supersongs

Текст песни Wanda Iguana

Wanda Iguana

Wanda iguana and tommy the toad
They got together and went on the road
And they sang the songs of the heart and the land
And they had a pretty good band

And they played tootle itЎ­Ў­Ў­Ў­Ў­Ў­.

Larry the lizard and lou ladybug
Cute as a button and cutting a rug
And forming a circle and dancing around
They laughed so hard they both fell down

But they wentЎ­Ў­.

Bonny the bluejay and his dad and mom
Flew two hundred miles to see wanda and tom
And they couldn't get close enough to even see the band
They turned around and didn't even land

But they heardЎ­..

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