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R : ROGER MILLER : Roger Miller

Roger Miller
Текст песни Swiss Cottage Place

Swiss Cottage Place

I turned down the covers on a bed where two lovers
Found reasons to face each new day
In a room full of memories in a house built for love
On a street down in swiss cottage place

My mind just surrenders to all I remember
Come to steal every moment away
Yesterday's gone and where I stand here alone
It's a hollow ringing place called today
Last night I watched baby as she was boardin'
A greyhound bus back to st louis

And I couldn't let her know I knew why she was leavin'
Not after all we've been through
Slippin' my coat from my shoulders I said hon
It may get cold in st louis
And the look in her eyes grew suddenly sad
She knew that I knew what she knew

So now my mind surrenders to all I remember
Come to steal every moment away
From this room full of memories from this house built for love
On the street down on swiss cottage place

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