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R : ROGER MILLER : Roger Miller

Roger Miller
Текст песни Hand for The Hog

Hand for The Hog

Well, I always heard but I ain't to sure
That a man's best friend is a mangy cur
I kinda favor the hog myself
How about a hand for the hog

Ya say, a hog ain't nothin' but a porky thing
Little forked freet with a nosy ring
Pickle them feet folks
How about a hand for the hog

If you took a notion I'll bet
A good hog would make a hell of a pet
You could teach him to ride and hunt
You could clean him up and let him sit up front

In the scheme of things the way things go
You might get bit by the old fido
But not by the gentle porker friend.
How about a hand for the hog

A feller and a hog had a comedy act
The feller was terrible as a matter of fact
That hog was a funny sucker though
How about a hand for the hog

If you took a notion I bet
You could teach a hog to smoke a cigarette
Well it might take a little bit of time
But hell, what's time to a hog

Well, the way I see it' it looks like this
Either you ain't or either you is
A true blue lover of the swine, folks
How about a hand for the hog

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