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R : ROGER MILLER : A Tender Look at Love

A Tender Look at Love
Текст песни With Pen in Hand

With Pen in Hand

With pen in hand you signed your name
Today at five I'll be on that train
And you'll be free and I will be alone
So alone

If you think we can't find the love we once knew
If you think I can make everything up to you
Then I'll be gone and you'll be on your own
On your own

Can you take good care of johnny
Can you take him to school everyday
Can you teach him how to catch a fish
And keep all those bullies away

Can you teach him how
To whistle a tune
Can you tell him about the man in the moon

If you can do these things then maybe he won't miss me
Maybe he won't miss me

And tonight as you lay in that big lonely bed
Can you look at the pillow where I laid my head
With your heart on fire will you have no desire to kiss me
And to hold me
And if you can forget all the good times we had
If you can think that the good times don't outweigh the bad
Then sign your name and I'll be on my way
On my way

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