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P : POINT BREAK : Apocadelic

Текст песни Tag The Party

Tag The Party

Now here's the party
It's a party that's funkin'
It's jumpin' and bumpin' the beat
The bad ballroom dance
Pickin' it up with the chance
Find a little buzz because
We'r makin' the noise
But it ain't about the weather
Lay you on the leather
Hey I'm at the end of my tether

With the 11'o clock stop stop I don't think so
No soon enough you'll feel my flow


Come 'n' get it we'll show you how
Rough 'n' ready right here right now

Everybody tag the party
Everybody na na na na na na na
Everybody move move your body
Everybody na na na na na na na na

P a r t y it's time to fly
Don't try to bust a whack
Move no just get your hands high low
Ho an apocadelia flow
Cuttin' straight through
All the grass ass hooked upon a flymo
So we go don't step
Just put your butt out
Flat out went out'n' smashed upon the glass

House the situation is this
Rhyme's for the wild child
Woop there it is
It's party time

Repeat chorus

Na na na na na na na na p b break

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