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N : NYLONS : Seamless

Текст песни Combat Zone

Combat Zone

In every neighbourhood
There is bad and good
Money's tight, prices overblown
They sell ecstasy
Here on avenue b
One way ticket to the combat zone

The streets are fast and tough
And if you're tough enough
Chances are you can make it on your own
Life on overdrive
You could learn to survive
Livin' life in the combat zone

Keep your ear to the ground
Keep your shoulder to the wheel
Keep your finger on the pulse
And you can make it
Keep your eye on the dice
Keep your back to the wall
One step ahead of the game
And you can make it

Here is the place, now is the time
It's up to you (get ready now)
You better be on your guard
Sometimes you're blind, you carry on
(business as usual)
How can we be so hard?

You can run away
Or, you can choose to stay
Either way, life can chill you to the bone
You know that golden rule
Don't be nobody's fool
Play it cool, in the combat zone


Watch what you say
Watch what you do
It's up to you (get ready now)
They'll take you for a ride
Before you're bought and sold
Get it up
Get it under control (get ready now)
There's nowhere you can hide


Can't people understand
There's a world at your command
Can't we trust one another?
What does it take to make you see
We share one destiny
And nothing lasts forever

Higher, this could be the vision
That we've both been dreamin of...

Higher, and so much brighter
Than the stars that shine above

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