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N : NYLONS : One Size Fits All

One Size Fits All
Текст песни So Long

So Long

So long
You don't know where I'm going
So long
You know you done me wrong
So long
'cause I know I'm all gone

You need to tell me why
You always make me cry
Oh why
Why you never satisfied

Packing my bag and heading out
Don't know where or what about
Taking a long forgotten trip
Don't know why I let it slip
Well the way the world is now
I don't want to start a row
Baby you won't believe in love
Wrote you some letters
Oh, take care of yourself
I'll be checking in, oh later

So long
I'm all packed up and on my way
So long
You need me some old sunny day
So long
This time I'm goin', goin' to stay

Goodbye, bye bye baby
I ain't gonna be comin' home
Don't you know I'm gone
Bye bye, bye bye...

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