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N : NYLONS : Love to Love

Love to Love
Текст песни Secret Part of Me

Secret Part of Me

There was I not needing anyone
I was sure I could make it on my own
Then you touched a secret part of me

I was so all alone
In control of my emotions
Then you touched a secret part of me

More than I've ever known
I tried so many times before
I knew when you walked through my door

Stay with me
Baby don't leave me lonely
Say you'll stay
And tell me I'll be the only one
Don't turn and run

Suddenly life has new meaning
And I won't ever be the same
You touched a secret part of me
You touched a secret part of me

So many times love would get away
Never to start
Now that I found you you're here to stay
Please take my heart


You touched a secret part of me

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