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N : NYLONS : Love to Love

Love to Love
Текст песни Groovy Thing

Groovy Thing

Time to move on
Time to groove on
Put your dancing shoes on, come on
It's the break of dawn
Clear your mind, don't press rewind
Only you can leave the past behind
Cuz everyone is looking for #1 trade
The freedom of choice in this day and age
The rage of a generation of 'love'
Cause that's what dreams are made of

Stop waging bets of who's on top
Just be yourself and life works out
You think you need a hand to hold
Down on your knees and pray above
The promise is you'll get your shot
The bottom line, give love a lot
Pull back, relax, release your mind
And let the light shine

Work it
Work that groove thing
Working on a groovy thing, baby
Working on a groovy thing, baby

What is the way of the future
Living for the past
Or living for the present
Just ask yourself
What direction am I heading
Back or forward
Now tell me what I lack
Direction, why don't you give me a hand
For giving the world a reason to understand
Whether friend or foe
That moving forward is the only way to go

So many possibilities
Got to live to work, dance and party
Frustrations only get you down
It's time to turn the world around
A touch of glam some style and taste
That good old nasty funky base
There is a point to comprehend
It's time for us to chill

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