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N : NYLONS : Happy Together

Happy Together
Текст песни Grown Man Cry

Grown Man Cry

Grown man cry

I won't ask you to stay
I can love you when you're far away
Please, don't stop to say goodbye
Unless you want to see a grown man cry

After the party's over
And after the smoke has cleared
Just take a look around
If there's anything you've left behind
It's safe with me, 'cause I will still be here

But I wonder if you know just what it is you wanna
Who you are, where you want to go, you know it's up
To you
Don't be afraid to let it go and leave it all behind
'cause I know it won't come back to me if it isn't
Really mine

When the winter comes and you find yourself alone
Without your love
I can send my heart up to the sun and find you from
Right now the only sky I see is a crazy shade of
But I know those clouds will disappear someday

Seems like you're always leaving; you're on the run
I'd count the times but I can't tell;no I just can't
My foolish heart goes on believing; you're the one
Show me the fair in farewell

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