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L : LLOYD COLE : Rattlesnakes

Текст песни Sweetness


Oh, you`re a precious little prude?
But tell me the truth now
Have you ever had a care in the world
So tell me what`s it all about
You say oh you`re so attacked
Well you`ll never be so right
Oh you can cry yourself dry
But i`d be surprised if you can munster
Up a single crocodile
You`ll never be a hopeless child
Throw caution to the wind
Forgive yourself your sins
And don`t you know you
Really are the sweetest thing
There isn`t heart enough from you
Do you no longer care or feel that
You no longer have nothing left to prove
Oh tell me that it isn`t true
I wanted to tell you
That I used to admire you
Oh you know really that I don`t cared
No I never cared for you
But I used to read about you
And you oftenly would throw caution to the wind
And don`t you know you
Really are the sweetest thing

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