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L : LLOYD COLE : Mainstream

Текст песни Big Snake

Big Snake

High tide
In the cool of the mist
Walking in the shadows of the trade ships
I`ll be your baby
I will not be your man
I will not be around when you call
Oh daddy
I`ll be daddy's little girl
Black water
The warm summer rain
Washes your tears in to the big snake
Into the ocean
And your skin is so white under harbour light
Should you fall i`ll be your baby
Say i`ll be daddy's little girl
Oh daddy
I'm all alone now
Hush little baby
Don't you cry
I will sing you a lullaby
It's high tide
In the still of your room
And the big snake's a crawling
Through the smoke and perfume
To be your baby
I will not be your man
I will be around when you fall
I`ll be your baby
I`ll be daddy's little girl
Say it be my daddy
I`ll be daddy's little girl
Oh daddy
We're all alone now
Won't you be my daddy
We're all alone now...

Trumpet: jon hassell
Vocal: tracey thorn

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