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L : LLOYD COLE : Love Story

Love Story
Текст песни Unhappy Song

Unhappy Song

They were married in june
She was gone before the leaves were even turning
She said well, I knew he was a fool, but i
Somehow thought my welfare concerned him
Must the one always have to change
Whilst the other must always remain
Must the cards all be dealt facing down?
Turn away, turn away, turn your blue skies to grey

Now, when it comes to september
I`ve got my own unhappy song
October, nowember, december,
And still she is gone;
Unhappy song

He was torn between the romance and the mundane
He was torn every morning
He was surprised or was he horrified to find
The mundane the more rewarding
She was upon him before he even knew it

And anyone who had a hat would surely know:
It only rains when you leave it at home,
And all the umbrellas are broke,
Oh, save yourself a fiver, you`re already soaking

Come on, september
And sing me that old unhappy song
October, nowember, december,
And still she is gone;
Unhappy song

Well, there was ice beneath the snow
And everywhere else was closed,
But the locks had been changed
Sure, the neighbours were the same, they said
You never should treat someone so bad

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